Read Love Poems


by LiL One

Our love was great.
something most people would envy.
The way your soft lips met mine,
It was better then paradise.
Everytime I breathed,
I took you in,
poisoning my soul with your tainted love.
It wasn't clear,
That you didn't know how to treat me.
You messed around,
It wasn't fair to me.
So boy we spliit,
it was mutual.
But I knew I was hurting inside,
I cried and cried, I aint gonna lie.
I wanted you back,
you realized, as well as I,
that you didn't deserve me.
You were to young, not ready for thiis.
You were looking for a girl,
not a women.
We haven't talked since,
the sudden distance hurts,
But I realize what I'm doing is for the best.