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Starting Over

by Jesse

We sat in the park
As I read those words
From deep in your heart
This is what I heard

"No matter what I will love you
Until my dying day
My heart knows this
It will never go away

I wish I could just
Go back in time
To fix my mistakes
And keep you as mine

But inside I know we can't
Go back to those days
I can't erase the mistakes
I can't take them away

You're the one
My one and only
The question is
Do you still want me?"

A tear came to my mind
As I finished the note
I leaned in to whisper
And I quote

"I will always love you
Just like I always have
This time we'll do things right
With no need to be sad

Just be patient
Cause it won't be easy
You have trust to make up
And show you truly love me"