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The Reason

by Razorblade Lies

I remember the day,
You asked me why I care,
You asked my why I love you,
At the time, I couldn't share.

Every time you smile,
And gently kiss my lips,
My heart beats a little faster,
My stomach still does flips.

To me, you are a blessing,
Sent from up above,
The warmness in my heart for you,
I know it must be love.

The way I feel about you,
The love we know is true,
I just can't help but smile,
When I say that "I love you!"

The love I have for you,
Will never go away,
Our love will continue to grow,
More and more each day.

I love your smile,
I even love your frown,
I love it when you're happy,
And even when you're down.

I love the way you worry about me,
I love the way you care,
I love that if I need you,
I know you're always there.

I love to watch you sleep,
I love to watch you rest,
I love the way my head fits,
So perfectly on your chest.

I love that you call from work,
Just to say "hi"
Even though I hate when you leave,
I love to feel the kiss good-bye.

The reason that I love you,
Is everything you do,
So when I say that "I love you,"
I mean I love everything about YOU