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Beacuse you love her...

by BECCA lessTHANthree

I don’t really care
You’re not all the great
It’s not like this is love
This “nothing”... Isn’t fate

So stare at her all you want
Love her with all your heart
Dream and sing and wish for her
It’s not tearing me apart…

Laugh with her and smile
Every time you see her face
Be kind to her and gentle
Don’t let her ever be replaced

Cause you cant hide the truth
You can’t hide from me
All the things you don’t want show
Are all the things I see

It doesn’t matter that you’re with me
I know now it’s all a lie
But please don’t feel sorry for me
Cause I will be just fine

And I know that you love her
No matter what you say
I see it when you’re with her
I see and feel it everyday

Your perfect for each other
Don’t let that slip away
Just forget about me…
I don’t want you to stay

So im doing you a favor
Itll make you happy.. im sure
Its over;; so go get her..
I know shes what your wishing for