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Wishing I Only Knew!

by Jennifer Fox or Jackson

I said I loved you
Which was very much true
I asked you how you felt of me
You said you loved me too.

Sometimes I wonder
If it was love you really had
For you left me for someone else
Which made me go mad.

Seeing you and her together
Made me want to die
I wished my eyes were playing tricks
I wish it were a lie.

I tried moving on
To find someone new
But with this broken heart I have
I always thought of you.

I wish I had your arms
Wrapped around me once again
I miss how it felt
To feel your warmth within.

I was hoping you'd come back
But you never really did
You're still with the same girl
I knew I'd never win.

I feel so hurt right now
The pain feels so unreal
It builds up inside me
And unable to ever heal.

I should be hating you now
But that is not the deal
I could never really hate you
Because my love is still real.

What was it that
Made you leave my side
Was it that you never really loved me
Or was it just a lie?

I'm sorry I ever met you
I wish I could forget
But you put me through so much
All I feel is regret.

Not understanding what i say
I'll only tell you this
You were apart of my heart
A part that I can never miss.

Now it is just me
Being the one who's alone
Holding on to my heart
As if it were always my own.

Like I said to you before
I'd never be the first
Not in anything that goes on
Or the one to be cursed.