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I'll Never Let Go

by richard

I hold you in my arms and I can't let go
When I hold you I always wish
that we can stay like this
I don't want to let go.

When I feel your touch i feel so low
Your touch breaks me down
It gives me goosebumps like never before
For when I'm with you there is no better
With you everything is good everything is better
But when I have to let go, my pain is full
Cause you're not by my side
Where you should be
Instead you're just in my head.

Wherever you're at no matter what
you're always with me
In my head in my heart
I'll keep you dearly
For I remember the time that i was holding you tight
Feeling like I was in Heaven.

What I did to receive this beautiful gift
I'll never know
But one thing I do
Is that I'll Never Let Go.