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Cheers to you.

by Matthew

Cheers to You

Don't you just hate it when you find the one
And she smiles and laughs, then turns and runs
I replay it in my head, and it makes me blue
But its her favorite past time, so cheers to you

You were picture perfect, a heavenly dove
If given the chance it might have been love
You would've been my baby, my boo
But you thought that was silly, so cheers to you

Thank you for the times we almost had
I lived them in my dreams so don't feel bad
It would have been nice, if you were there too
but you had other plans, so cheers to you

I followed you, like I was in a trance
Was it too much to ask to be given a chance
I didn't want much, just to be with you
but you said no, so cheers to you

It hurts so much, yet my eyes are dry
Cause I haven't even tears enough to cry
But you'll get by, you always do
with a smile on your face, so cheers to you

I dreamt one night of our very first kiss
It was a special feeling, that will be missed
I like you so much if you only knew
But you never cared, so cheers to you

It hurts inside that we can't be together
Cause I truly could've held you in my arms forever
I will love you my dear, to the day my life is through
But for you it means nothing, so cheers to you

I fought so hard but never could see
That all I would find, is what could never be
Love's never enough, this much is true
You broke my heart, so cheers to you.