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by TragicRomance

After waiting for so very long,
I get to see you once again;
hoping you haven't changed a bit,
and wondering how you've been;

At first it felt so awkward,
since I hadn't seen you in so long;
But you pulled me close, and held me tight,
and suddenly, I wasn't so strong;

The way I feel with you,
I've never felt before;
It makes me feel so good inside,
and want you even more;

The way you held me close,
I never wanted to leave;
The feeling you make me feel with you,
are almost to good to believe;

Being so close to you,
relinquished all my fears;
Just a touch of your hand,
and my pain just dissapears;

Maybe it's the way you look at me,
or the way you hold me tight;
It makes me want to cuddle,
and be with you all through the night;

I think about the time we speant,
and how it meant so much;
Then it was time for you to go,
and now I linger for your touch;

With me here and you there,
it's hard for me to get through;
But I know you'll come back,
and I'll be here waiting for you;

Waiting until you're here again,
holding me in your arms;
Waiting until your back with me, keeping me unharmed;

It's just a matter of time,
until you're here again;
Time may go by slow,
but I'll be waiting here until then;