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You're In Everything I Do...

by Kailynn Makenna

In the beginning I was scared
Not sure of what to do
I tried so hard to trust you
But it always left me blue

I felt that you would leave me
When all was said and done
And once again I would be alone
With no place left to run

But the more the time went on
The more my guard came down
Because whenever I was with you
I couldnt think to frown

Youve opened up my life
In more than just one way
Cause I know that when I see you
Youll brighten up my day

The truth is that I love you
For youve truly changed my life
And youve given me the power
To take on all my strife

I know that you will help me
When things just go so wrong
And knowing that youre here
Well it helps me to be strong

So now I hope you realize
That my life belongs to you
Cause Ive been wanting to tell you
That your in everything I do...