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You Lied

by Katie Bennett

If you really loved me you'd;

Let me take this razor
And bleed my pain away
Let me release the agony
From the hell I've had to pay
let my body eternally rest
And wake up nevermore
Make me realize life just hurts
And it's not worth living for
Let the blood just drip
Do not wipe the tears I cry
Watch the blade as it cuts
Just let me slowly die
Do not clean my wounds
Nor dry my blood at all
If you loved me, you'd stand there
And watch me slowly fall
Listen to the pain I'm in
Just watch my body bleed
Do not try to pull me in
This death is what I need
Listen to the sound my tears make
As they fall onto the ground
Watch my lifeless body
As I slowly start to drown
Instead, I know you never loved me
Like I loved you in vain
because if you did, you'd have kept your promise
"To not cause me any pain"