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Owe Me This

by Katie Bennett

You asked me why I love you
I said I just don't know
I ask why you love me
You told me that you don't
You ask if I care for you
I said I always have
I ask you the same question
And you don't reply back
You ask me if I need you
And I say I will forever
You're response is just one word
You reply "never"
I ask what this is all about
You tell me it's game
That love is't real
It's just an excuse to cause pain
You say "The game is over,
Katie, I won"
I tell you you didn't
Because this game isn't done
But you turned and left
And I sat down to cry
I think "wait a minute,
That game was just a tie"
I chased you down
Ans said "As a matter of fact,
You owe me this,
I want a re-match"