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Online love

by Christine

When we typed those very first words,
how could we possibly have known;
our words would bring us so close
and this beautiful love would be sown.

The words we exchanged as friends;
made their way into our hearts.
Then they became words of love,
with hopes and dreams to impart.

How can you fall so much in love,
with someone who you have not met?
Because it is the words which reveal,
the heart of a person on the internet.

Your words made it so easy for me,
for your heart and soul to perceive.
And when love is based on words alone,
falling in love isn't so hard to conceive.

I don't need to see a picture of you,
or to even hear the sound of your voice.
As it is the person who you are inside,
which made you my dreams only choice.

Our hearts traveled towards each other,
and bridged the gap between the miles.
There is no distance between two hearts,
when it's your love that the bridge compiles.