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Why is love so much pain

by Krissy

Why is love so much pain
love is great, suppose to be a gain
something wonderful to maintain
but my love has been strained

i was so happy, had so much fun
i was glowing like the sun
you meant everything to me
i knew it was meant to be

until the one day
i really hate to say
the one i so much adore
doesnt love me anymore

i couldnt think all i did was stare
my heart could do nothing but tear
i loved you soo, this was unfair
i thought it was all a nightmare

i found out that love was a gain
a gain of soo much pain
i felt like i was standing in rain
my heart is now forever stained

everyday i think and say
why is love soo much pain?
my life i would gladly pay
if your love would come back to stay.