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Message of Love

by Bill Turner

As I lay in the operating room dieing
I could hear them talk, he does not have long
I imagined the news, you crying
I turned to God asking to be strong

I could see them operating on me
Knowing this was not right
I could feel my spirit being set free
I was not ready to go to the light

You sent your message of love
Not knowing I lay near death
Your message was guided from above
Filling my empty lungs with breath

Falling as if from grace
I could no longer see the room
Unable to see my face
A sudden feeling of doom

When I awoke that night
I was alive and free
I knew it would be all right
I chased my family away from me

I thought of you the woman I miss
It was not the morphine or light from above
Giving me an overwhelming bliss
It was your incredible gift of love

I left the hospital too soon
Not doing what I was told
Back bleeding by noon
I remained defiant and bold

I drove seven hours to hear you speak
Your heart calling to me
Your words of love making me weak
Our promise of the future setting me free
Devoting my life and love to you, Stephanie