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My Perfect Life Part 1

by ~Patiently Waiting~

I remember when we met,
How could I forget?
That was a special day,
My problems rushed away.
My life began when I saw you,
Ever since then, I started off new.
Whenever we are together,
I just wish the moment would last forever.
You give me a smile when it seems impossible,
You are my everything,
My one true love, sent from above.
When I was little and I watched people kiss,
I thought it was wrong, but now I have this.
I have you, my perfect life,
My beautiful girl, my future wife.
I dont need money to be rich,
Because with you I am,
The richest of the rich.
I dont need no one else,
Just you and myself.
Us against the world,
Me and you girl.
I love you so much,
I love your touch.
I love your eyes,
It makes my heart fly.
You give me everything, you give me breath,
We will not part, not until death.
When I hold you in my arms,
The world makes sense,
When I feel your warmth,
I am in heaven.
You are my saviour,
My gaurdien angel,
My darling, beautiful, you're mine.
Never will I leave, I will stay throughout all time.