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Love's Journey

by Lu

Many years ago we began
our journey of life together
many times to climb the hills
only to topple back down
we did not succumb to our falls
rather we comforted and healed
and carried the voyage on

Sometimes throughout the journey
our worries where heavy
to overwhelming to carry alone
we'd buckled beneath the weight
picking each other up , struggling up wards
dissolving the pain , laughing at our falls
surviving hand in hand , together

Getting lost in emotions
where the forest is thick with trees
only for moments losing sight of each other
knowing in our heart that we will not be lost
reaching the peaceful beauty of the stream
that endlessly cascades over our bodies
bathing our hearts , in love and hope

I will never be alone beneath the rains tears
you will be there to keep me safe and warm
you are the heaven I hold in my arms
never again relying on sleep to dream
your endless love is my dream come true
our hearts entwined forever in love
till the very last day of our journey