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Without You

by truthhurts17

The days go slow
As the hours go by
The grey clouds came back
to draken up my sky
Lost the skip in my step
The smile on my face
and that one person I can depend on to brighten up my day
I find myself sitting
locked inside my room
staring out the window
and gazing upon the moon
And as I look at the sky
and think of what should be
I wonder sometimes
Have you forgotten about me??
But I love you so much
and I just can't let you go
but my world is falling apart
When I don't have you to hold
my life just seems so differnt
like its all at a end
And wonder if our true love story
is coming to a end
I can't bare the heart break
never not again
Went though it once and pain still within
But I'll sit and wait
just ride this thing out
and deal with missing you
having all my doubts
Yet faith still put in you
Guess this is just another path
to take in life again
Just hope I don't have to go
though the same heartbreak again.