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Straying Insanity

by Matters

This is long, but please read it.

Wake me from my nightmarish dream,
Listen loudly for my silent scream.
I'm full of hate, devilish temptation,
But you lift me up through a purposed relation.

Disgraceful emotions empty into radiant bliss,
With my final laugh, your savior kiss.
Hand in hand, we stride through the sea,
Remembrance brings memories, a life to me.

I'll hold you tight and never let go,
Embrace in a dance, so sullen and slow.
You are my magic, my beam of light,
My last fading presence, a place so right.

I'm torn to pieces; I'll never be back,
My final feeling fought on attack.
Spiteful joy mixed with vicious love,
Stitched together again, to come undone.

My last shining rays, a beam of hope,
Now washed away and I'm forced to cope.
The candle has stumbled, wax drips to the floor,
The wick won't burn for evermore.

Richly infused beneath my blank eyes,
Is a bracing love that has yet to die.
With every cry, I just don't weep,
I dream the dream I'm destined to keep.

I lie unconscious on the cold metal cot,
Insane to them, but I've never forgot.
The one love of my life, my final chance,
Wind creeps up on the depth and begins a dance.

Finally I've returned from my misery sleep,
I fall at your feet in a sad crumpled heap.
I suffered a craze, defeated a death,
We'll be together forever, till my final quenched breath.