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Faces of the Moon (1 & 2)

by Darien

Faces of the Moon (Part 1)
- Romance

I'm looking into her eyes,
and feeling so alive.
This romance is so sweet,
I love every minute of it.

The girl of my dreams,
here with me in reality.
So perfect in every way,
I'll never let her go.

Making out under stars,
young love will blossom.
She makes me melt inside,
this will last forever.

This night seems cold,
she is warm in my arms.
We are alone and happy,
but clouds cover the moon.

Faces of the Moon (Part 2)
- Heartbreak

Hidden secrets come to life,
interrupted in our moment.
Sharply cut off by blades,
her ex has blackened my heart.

She turned to him and cried,
but in his arms she did stay.
I am lost and now alone,
My heart is left broken.

Winded and slowly recovering,
this all seems so fake.
A nightmare turned real,
and haunting me now.

All is lost on this night,
with the stars dim lights.
The moon did turn red,
like the blood in my veins.