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I Lost You... Foreve

by AhmadAfaneh

A guy loved a girl living the next door
She was the only thing he was living for
With her he felt something he has never felt before
With her the rest of the world was what he ignores

Every time they sat in the middle of the night
Sitting side by side
He was holding her tight
Asking her to not go out of his sight

Then she was looking in his eyes
Wishing that tomorrow will never rise
She knew he's that kinda guys
Who would stay with her for the rest of their lives

From him she got her first kiss
From him she got the tenderness
With him she felt the happiness
And she wanted nothing more than this

He loved looking at her when she sleeps
Like a cute angel that he wanted to keep
He felt her in himself ... so deep
The girl that used to dry the tears he weeps

Now all of that is just a memory
Of the love which grew truly
And then just finished sadly
Leaving him with pictures in his fancy

He cant believe now that she's gone
And that he'd no more see the sun
He cries..but now to dry his tears there's no one
So he just leaves the days to run.........