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Blue Eyed Lover

by Ann Stareyes

Love that once lived in my heart
Was painful and filled with abuse
Such hurtful words
There was never any excuse.

Just an emotional roller coaster I rode
Each and every day
I had to find a way out
There was no way I could stay.

Then as my heart was mending
You stepped into my life
You traveled the path to my soul
And turned darkness to light.

I looked through the window of your soul
Found it was sincere and true
You were truly my dream
All I could think of was you.

Your masculine body left me speechless
Your personality said it all
Your sweetness over whelmed me
I truly loved everything I saw.

Your charm blowed me away
Those baby blues told what I needed to know
That voice simply melted my heart
Now I truly loved you so.

This kind of love is priceless
Just what I was looking for
Now life is truly worth living
This I know for sure.

Now as we share our hopes and dreams
I no longer need to look
You are my soul mate
My heart you've already took.