Read Love Poems


by Rican Chemistry

You left me wondering around
No longer do I feel safe and sound
Stumbling on your favorite blue shirt
Cant keep in all of this hurt
I loved you so damn much
That now I cry for your touch
That no longer comes my way
No matter how much I beg and pray
Into my bed I crawl alone
Just to smell your colonge
It was a week ago since you said goodbye
But your smell still lingers by
It fills my body with such distress
Turning me into a total mess
You didnt think of what you would do to me
All you wanted was to be free
So me being stupid I opened the door
I let you through and cried even more
I closed it shut and heard you leave
Footstep heading away from me
You say that we werent meant to be
How do you dare say that to me
I hold my broken heart in my hand
Trying to keep it together the best I can
But no matter how much glue I use
I still cry and feel abused
For in this prison called my room
I keep memories of me and you
They haunt me every second of the day
I just wish this pain would go away
I gathered all your things today
Put them in a box and hid them away
But I kept something to make me smile
I found it and took it from the pile
A picture of you holding me
A memory of what we used to be