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Prince of Heartaches

by Atomic

How often do you dream,
A prince charming of your own.
One who keeps you close to heart,
So you'll never feel alone?

The perfect man from the books,
A shining armor and white horse too.
One who never loved before,
Until the day he met you.

A touch from him made you shiver,
Kissing him made you swoon.
Together your hearts unite,
Under the full yellow moon.

With him by your side,
You rode off into the sunset.
Dreaming of a happy ending,
To live life with no regrets.

How often do you wake up,
Realization hits you fast.
True love doesn't have an ending,
Because it was meant to last.

What happened to those princes,
From movies and fairy tales.
Do they not exists at all,
Or have they rung their wedding bells?

Where is your prince charming?
He's no where to be found.
Has he gotten lost on the way here,
Has he lost his golden crown?

You found yours long ago,
But he broke your fragile heart.
He decolorized it,
To the deepest blackest dark.

His reasons for betrayal,
Shall remain forever unknown.
But I think you know it in your soul,
He did it to save his own.

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