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A Heart That's Mine To Break

by Anthony

I woke up next you you today,
And looked into your eyes.
Sound asleep I realized,
That our love slowly dies.

How many times we promise,
And they remain unkempt,
The feeling that we most feel now,
Just happens to be regret.

Staring at the ceiling,
Waiting for you to wake,
I notice that your heart,
Is in my control to break.

I need to make a choice,
A choice that holds me down,
Either stay until you wake up,
Or leave without a sound.

The ceiling over head,
Reflects my troubled face,
And still you're sound asleep,
Unaware of my conscience's race.

Racing against each other,
Are my feelings of us two,
One wishes stay,
The other, to hurt you.

As your eyes slowly rise,
To reveal the outside day,
I'm looking back at you,
Because I chose to stay.