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Something I Have To Say

by xmauix

Even though i haven't known you for that long of a time,
You are a really good friend who's stayed right by my side,
You have never ever been mean,
I'm really going to miss you when i leave.

You know how when i go damn Desirae is freaking hott,
And you go ewww no shes not,
Well you know what, i think your hott too,
But since your my friend i didn't want to tell you.

I have something else that i need to say,
Ive been trying to say it for a couple of days,
The truth of the matter is that i like you,
But it don't matter if you like me too.

Everyone kept saying that I had to tell you before i go,
But i was scared to let you know,
You don't have to respond to it in anyway,
Like i said it was just something that i had to say.

Just don't act different when you are around me,
Thats not how i want for things to be,
Just because i like you more than a friend,
Doesn't mean our friendship has to come to an end.