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Thank Heavens for Angels

by Darien

Thank Heavens for Angels

The skies are free from clouds,
On this late Saturday evening.
A boy sits hugging his knees,
Enduring the cool October breeze.

The ocean waves crash ashore,
Beating against the rocks below.
On this cliff standing tall,
He prepares to take a fall.

In love he is with a beautiful girl,
Now to tell her how he feels.
Panic bells ring around his ears,
As day dreams bring him to tears.

She found him sitting alone,
Wondering if anything was wrong.
A fake smile is all he could do,
While contemplating an 'I love you'

Before he could turn to speak,
She hushed his quivering lips.
Deep into his eyes she stared,
And told him how much she cared.

He apologizes to God in his mind,
'Sorry God, I'm stealing an angel'
He can see Heaven in her eyes,
It takes away all his butterflies.

He manages to say 'I love you'
She smiles and returns the words.
He looks at the Heavens above,
As he kisses his one true love.