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Tear Stained face

by Princess09

Tears poured down,
When his words came out.
Everything he said,
Was just another doubt.

She was never good enough,
Not even for her.
But now her dreams,
Flew by broken by a slur.

He said he loved her,
Then took it right back!
He said he cared,
But said it to attack!

One tear at a time,
Stained her pretty face.
No one knew she was so fragile,
Like a thin piece of lace.

She stared at the knife,
As a tear hit the ground,
Would she dare use it,
When it once spread her feelings around ?

She used to cut but stopped.
And was happy for a while.
But he killed her!
With his first smile.

She wondered why,
He would make her cry?
Make her not want to live,
But die?

With a tear stained face,
She took her life.
Killed herself,
With an already used knife.

She did it for love,
Her tears said it all,
He was her depression,
When he pretened to fall.

No more tears,
On her tear stained face,
Nothing left,
But her missery that took place!