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Did you know?

by Stephanie

Where do I start?
How do I even begin?
There's quite a predicament
That my heart is in

There's this guy
Who I would do anything for
And he's just so perfect
Every touch leaves me wanting more

I wake up every day
So I can see that face
Whether its for a second or 5 minutes
Doesn't even matter at what place

I look at the stars
Dreaming only of him
I wonder where he's at
As the world is getting dim

What is he thinking?
Am I on his mind?
But only one can answer
Is this such a crime?

Do you know who it is?
Do you care?
Would you like me to tell you?
Would that be fair?

I think you already know
So here's the big clue
The one in my dreams
Well, the one is you