Read Love Poems

Dusty Pages of Love

by JP

One look into those eyes
I'd kiss the ground beneath you.
Orion watched a perfect love
and a kiss beneath the moon.

I thought in you I'd find myself
I found more than I could've dreamed.
A love to beat all other loves
...or only how it seemed.

Waking to my tears
Sleeping with my dreams
You taught me how to love
You showed me what it means.

One day a grave will hold me
Touched only by you
Breathing my last, holding my heart
Praying my love will die too.

I was beauty, I was sunshine.
I was Autumn, I was me.
I was everything you wanted
You were everything I need.

Saying goodbye to our flowers
Yearning still to say hello
Slowly counting away the hours
Until the day I let you go.