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I miss you daddy

by Raychel

You were my first love,
The first I ever had.
The first man I ever loved.
You were my dad.

You taught me how to play football.
You taught me that girls were just as good,
You showed me how to beat up the boys,
You showed me that I could.

You always joked,
You were always there.
You told me that you loved me.
I never took time to stop and care.

You helped me when I was sick,
I help you after your operation,
You always had my help,
You always had my cooperation.

But that fateful night almost a year ago.
You lost your life, everything you ever had.
That heart attack hurt obviously not only you,
But I was your little angel, your little girl,
And I lost my dad.

Rest in Peace daddy
Robert N. Ostrander
August 28, 1962-November 26, 2005