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Love and War

by HJ

It's easy to laugh and easy to cry.
Remembering well our final goodbye.

For years I wondered how we grew apart.
A mess, not knowing my head from my heart.

Innocently enchanted, I loved you so much.
Sultry days of clear light and sexual lust.

Losing myself deep withing your skin.
Consumed, falling, breathing you in.

My freedom, nothin but a hollow victory.
Searched for truth, but too scared to see.

Cold droplets of rain fall upon my face.
Nobody I find can ever take your place.

This magic is lost, and I choke.
Secret memories, my heart has finally broke.

Trying to heal, but I'm alone again.
Just as anxious to stay alive, I hold no blame.

Taking the flowers you never gave me.
Playing a dangerous game of love and conspiracy.

The lights from the stars will guide you to me.
I'm always here for you, that was meant to be.

And even though you're gone.
My love for you still carries on.

I enjoyed with sensual pleasure what we did.
But careful, you will die as you have lived.

It's easy to laugh, easy to cry.
Remembering well our final goodbye.