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You Believe In Me

by Lu

When I feel I no longer have the strength
The clutches of pain are tight
My emotions overwhelm me
My dam has broken and my tears
Flood my heart
Drowning me

You pull me back up
Resuscitating my faith

You see me for the person I am
Never do you criticize
For the things I can no longer do
Always cheering me on
To believe in myself
Even the times I fail

You believe in me
Encouraging me to try again

When I feel the need to be alone
To think , to cry , to shout
To fight the monster inside of me
You stand back , but never out of reach
You understand my need
To chase my fears alone

You understand me
You love me as I am

You are my life, my heart , my soul
My husband , soul mate and best friend
There when I need your help
Strong arms to comfort me
Eyes that never pity me , but love me
For who I am

You are the only medication I need
Your love makes me know , I will be OK