Read Love Poems


by Tammy

The nights are lonely
without you here
sometimes it's almost
more than I can bear
I toss and I turn
hating this new life
I close my eyes
and hug your pillow tight
sometimes it helps
I don't feel so alone
how I wish I didn't
long to have you home
I know in my heart
that will never be
fear of being hurt again
overcomes the need
sometimes I think
I should really hate you
that seems to be one thing
my heart refuses to do
I've loved you for so long
I can't stop overnight
although my love is true
it no longer feels right
I wish I could stop thinking about
all the good times that we shared
if only I could let go
and no longer care
I know with time
the pain will fade
and someday...
I'll love the new life I've made.