Read Love Poems


by Dwain

I took for granted what we had
All the times you called
I treated you as a sketch pad
The writings on the wall

I didnt mention that i cared
You never seem phazed
All the moments that we shared
Left as purple haze

I figured you would understand
That things would stay the same
as of now with the upper hand
In this waiting game

What i thought was just a friendship
In turn was something more
I feared a new relationship
I feared that i might soar

As of now the waiting game
Had gotten the best of you
I turned to look and cast the blame
I would never look at you

I felt your sense of confusion
Thoughts churning in your mind
I left my feelings in exclusion
How could i be so blind

I failed to dissapate the pain
To make it go away
Regret accompanied the rain
The truth sat in dismay

The constant nagging of "what if"
Drove me to let this show
Words left hanging on a cliff
From some time ago

As we are still close friends
Which i never wnat to lose
Time will always make transcends
Now its time to choose