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One Minute To Soon

by edy

Can you look up the sky
And look to see me
I'm a little more to the left
Yea there ya go that's me?

God has given me just one last minute
To tell you how I feel
So please just listen

Please dont say a word
I'm gonna tell you exactly how I feel
Since the first day I saw you
I knew it was real

I would eventually love you
Like tomorrow was never coming
But than it became true
I thought we were neverending

It was my time to go
So here I go
I loved till death had to do us part
Kind like when we walked down the aisle
When I promised that at the start

Since that day I said "I do"
I never had any regrets
The only regret I have
Is that I knew I would one day be without you

So this day has come
That I tell you my last I love you
My minute is almost up
Just keep looking to sky above you

Just please live your life
And dont forget about me
Whenever you need a friend
Just look up to the sky
This is my spot; just for thee

Whenever you feel that nobody else loves you
Just dont forget that I'm above you
I just had to leave a little early
To get a head start
I will be waiting forever until its your time to depart

Keep on following the dreams
That we had once dreamed together
There's no reason why you cant make them cometrue

Keep on taking care of our child
That's your only recollection of me
Everytime you gently pat him on the back
If you listen closely I'll be whispering to thee;

My minute is finally up just 5 more seconds to go
I want to tell you one last I love you
And That I'm above you just so you would know
That's our spot in the sky
Whenever you want to invision me
Everytime you need help with your life
Look to our spot and just gently whisper "eddy"