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Chat Room Love

by Matthew A.

I don't even know who you are,
yet all I know is that you live really far.
You tell me all these things you say are true,
but all that does is make me want to see you.

You tell me that you look so fine
and say that someday you will be mine.
Telling me that you wish to be my wife,
always explaining how you want to help my life.

As soon as I enter the chat room just to say hi,
you are the first person to talk to me before I say bye.
Asking questions like if I really care about you.
Waiting for my answer, I have no choice but to say I do.

When I have to leave you stop talking to me,
which makes me stay just to make you happy.
But when you go, you leave without saying goodbye,
which makes me want to logout and die.

I watch you tell other people that you love them,
and watch them call you their little gem.
But every time you say you are sorry,
I fall for it and say no need to worry.

I wish to find out who you are
and go to your house even though its far.
I want to talk to you really soon
to prove if the way I feel for you is some what true.