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Glimpse Of The Past

by TinyDancer46

She's holding on your hand
He's holding on to mine
It's strange how much can change
In a small amount of time

I look over my shoulder
You're looking back at me
I start thinking of our past
And what we used to be

I quickly look away
As both my cheeks turn pink
I sense your eyes upon me
And I'm not sure what to think

So I walk away with him
Still somehow sensing you
I feel my mind start racing
And I'm not sure what to do

Later when I'm all alone
I look to see you there
I look into those big blue eyes
As together we both stare

"I want you back" you tell me
"This time it's really true"
My mind starts racing faster
As I look back up at you

I stare up at that smile
That for so long filled my mind
I think of all those wishes
That I had to make you mine

"I'm flattered that you feel this
But I found what I've dreamed of"
And I turn and grab the hand
Of the boy I truly love