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Our Love ♥

by Mizz Kayla

I met you though a friend of mine,
And we only knew each other for a short amount of time.

Our friend Felicia, hooked us up,
And each day after we cuddled up.

We spent each day with one another,
Just us, none other.

Some days were good, and some were bad,
Even sometimes we got a little mad.

Then that tragic day came,
And each day after was not the same.

Our relationship might have came to an end,
But we promised each other we'd be the others best friend.

To this day that promise has been kept,
Even though there were things the other did not accept.

Graduation day, you whispered something in my ear,
I heard it perfect, loud and clear.

You told me you loved me and always would,
Then you left, and crying I stood.

Every night I lay awake,
And cry my self to sleep knowing my heart would soon break.

Weeks and months went by,
And I knew that you were my one dream guy.

I dated only one other guy,
And it didn't work out because I thought of you and I