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The Princess And Her Prince

by LonelyNightsHurt

You know how fairy tales
Always turn out right
I wonder if the princess
Used to cut at night

Waiting for her prince
Every single day
Staying faithful to her Prince
In almost every single way

But what if her Prince
Did not love her so
And left her heart cold
Like the winter snow

And the snow so pure
Slowly dyed crimosn red
From her seet wrists
As she slowly wished for dead

Locked in the tower
Stuck in a rut
And every single long night
She had to cut

Her true Prince came one day
And to her window threw a single stone
And without an answer
he thought he was alone

He walked the many stairs
Up to the highest room
And before his baby blue eyes
Stood his very gloom

This beautiful princess
With long sweet flowing hair
Was lying with a knife
And blood every where

True love always prevails
As he kissed her sweet face
Wiping the tears away
Fixing her dress of lace

He sat with her all night
In that room he then stayed
And in the morning he went
To the garden and dug her grave

He buried his true love
Placed one rose upon
And in his sweetest voice
Sang a sad little song

He grabbed the Princess's knife
Washed her blood away
And by the end of the night
In eternity thy would forever lay