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Christmas Wish

by Laura Ash

I asked "what is a mistletoe?
That hangs from the door?"
He said "It's a kiss
Do you have to ask for more?"

I said "But why?
It's just a plant!"
He said "you don't get it?
I guess you really can't

It's a Christmas tradition
Sometimes a Christmas wish
Sometimes it's like heaven
Or kissing a fish"

I laughed at the thought
And with a smile I dared to ask
"What is your Christmas wish?
He returned the smile and said "A very hard task"

I didn't get it so I asked
"What do you mean?"
He said "A beautiful girl
Which makes it harder than it seems

I want to give her a kiss
On new year's eve
Or under the mistletoe
But I'm afraid she'll leave

She's my friend & I don't want her to get mad
She won't talk to my anymore
I want to be with her for life
And let our love soar"

I told him I'd help
Make his special wish come true
Cause maybe that beautiful girl
May be wishing for him too

He asked if I was sure
And I said of course
For a second he hesitated
But then without a single hint of force

Led me to the mistletoe
That I had asked about
He looked into my eyes
I just wanted to shout

Shouts of joy
When he lifted my chin
Gave me a kiss
And said he wins

He told me thank you
For making his Christmas wish come true
And I told him I was right
The girl was wishing for him too

He smiled at me
And held me tight
Under the stars
On this beautiful night