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Fallen For You

by Melissa D

One day I stopped to think
What was I doing
I don't have feelings for him
So why am I still pursuing

I let him go not knowing
How my feelings for him disappeared
He respected me
It just didn't seem clear

So I let it go
And found my friend
I didn't want to talk about it
I didn't want your shoulder to lend

But I soon realized
Why those feelings went away
They moved to you
And what can I say

After the many years of talking
I think I've fallen for you
You fill the holes in my heart
You make all my dreams come true

I can't wait 'till the day I see you
You'll be everything I've wanted and more
I picture you smiling at me
Standing in the door

I can't believe
How this occurred
It came so suddenly
It's pretty much a blur

But it's ok
This feeling so strong
I'm still in awe
Just like your song

Just promise me one thing
That you'll love me for me
And whatever happens
Friends is what we'll always be

I'll wait for the day
To see you here
For, Baby, I hate a day I don't talk to you
That it almost brings me a tear