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My Big Sis..

by Runner

I thought I couldn't stop cutting,
but you believed in me,
you understood every feeling i had,
you made me open my eyes and see.

You've made me realize,
that im stronger than both the razor and knife,
you were the only one,
that struggled to keep me alive.

Now you know why im so jealous,
of all your other friends,
that were always saying to you,
you were their best friend till the end.

I've always wanted,
to shine above all the rest,
just so I could be that lucky friend,
you called the Best.

It made me lose my mind,
just the thought of losing someone so true,
of how you held me so close,
and you always telling me, \"I Love You.\"

I can't believe I was so stupid,
or too blind to see,
that we were closer than Best Friends,
you were meant to be a big sister to me.

Memories of us,
keeps us close you see,
that with every beat of my heart flows through my body,
from eveytime you say you love me.

That necklace that I gave you,
it didn't symbolize friends,
it represented a family so strong,
that I know will never end.

I love you so much,
till this very day,
as family, a best friend, and sister,
you will always be in my heart, and forever it will stay.

Love and friendship is a feeling so powerful,
although detecting it is something a machine can't do,
its the best feeling in the world that you can't describe,
thats exactly how i feel....I Love You..