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Fantasies of When your Free

by Rican Chemistry

I have thought up many ways
On how you and I can be
Once you are out and in my arms
Once that you are free

I can go to the prison
And wait for you outside
Not being able to contain myself
Trying to keep my tears inside

I can wait until you call
And tell me to go by
The last time you hang up
With a relentless goodbye

I can wait for you to come to me
And give me a surprise
Running to you to kiss you
And drowning in your eyes

I want to look at you
And hold you tight
Laugh at every single word you say
Because I know that its alright

I can keep going with fantasies
On how you and I will be
All I know its that happiness
Is sure to come to you and me

I will wait another 2 years
5, 10 if I have to
Because I can live of my fantasies
Of finally being able to love you

I just want one thing from you
The first thing that I want you to say
" Melissa I love you, and I promise
I will never again go away"