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Our Sensual Love

by Simon Hayes

I love it when you wear your sexy lingerie
The exposure of your skin is an incredible display
Your voluptuous legs splayed across the bed
Longing to kiss your lips of cherry red

The feel of your body is making me hot
Your touch right there I'm liking a lot
Shedding the layer against your skin
The underwear your wearing is incredibly thin

Slowly our bodies intertwine
Our love and our souls soon combine
I'm caressing your body, making you moan
I'm touching you slowly, hearing you groan

I kiss you in places I know that will thrill
I tease you in places I know will fulfill
Kissing your cherry red tasty lips
Placing my hands upon your hips

Embracing as slowly it reaches the peak
One final kiss your lips I seek
I hold you close all through the night
This perfect moment it felt so right!