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That all we'll ever be... And nothing more

by pseudo

Your my friend for now
I know that's all we'll ever be
I wish things could be diifferent
And maybe finally you'll see

That first day I noticed you
It was just a little crush
I didn't know how to feel
All these emotiones were a rush

Your blue eyes shined
They almost blinded me
I knew I fell hard for you
But you couldn't see

All the girls they adored you
You were leader of the pack
You were Mr. Popular
You had all your friends backs

But behind your tough looks
I could look past, into you
And see that you were sweet
It was a side none ever knew

You made me laugh and giggle
Like no one did before
You made me feel there was still hope
And that there was still an open door

My friend told me its just a crush
That it only last a few weeks
But the weeks turned into months
I could not find someone else to seek.

My love life was broken
I'd been hurt bad
I didn't think I'd recover
And I would just stay sad

Scared and afraid to do anything
My bruised ego shown right through
I always knew I'd never be the same
In this life I could'nt pursue.

But you gave back my hope
That maybe just maybe
You wouldnt break me in two
And finally set me free...

You gave me the wrong signals
Of what you really wanted
I felt the insecurity rushing back
The fear of being haunted.

I thought you really liked me
But instead you went for her
I guess I can't blame you
For the events that occured

I guess we'll always be just friends
And never anything more
It kinda feels like I'm drowining
And I'm faraway from shore. . .