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She'll Be Alright

by Rican Chemistry

I am sitting here
Thinking of the pain I can cause
I know he is hers
And I do him just because
Without thinking
About how she might feel
She can never imagine
That this was real
I think back to when my ex
Used to play me all the time
I remember how I felt
How hatred consumed my mind
And yet I find myself
Being the other girl
I never thought I would do this
To anyone in this world
But here I am
Loving his touch
The same touch she gets
The same rush
How happy she is right now
Not knowing of the betrayal
If she found out
It will be our one way tickets to hell
I have been in her spot
I didn't like it at all
But I like what he does to me
I love it when he calls
I can see tears in her eyes
If only she knew
Of all the secrets and lies
About me and you
Why don't I care
If I have been there
I mean when I think about it
I do care
But then I see him and kiss him
And I don't care about it
I just want him to love me
Just a little of it
I mean she has him
Like 24/7
She can share
The trip to heaven
I'll just make sure
That tears wont stain her face
I make sure she doesn't find out
About him going to my place
I wont feel bad
If she doesn't know
I know she wont cry
And I wont have to let go

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