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Hardest Thing

by Gesselle Valle

The Hardest Thing To Do
Is Open Up My Heart To You.
Every Day I Just Pretend
That I Only Love You As A Friend.

But I Have Always Believe In Fate,
I Don't Want To Wait Until Is Too Late.
You Were Honest And Fast,
And You Helped Me Overcome My Past.

A Man From A Different Generation
Could Really Be The Closest To Perfection?
I Wish I could Explain,
My Question's Domain...

I Don't Care That For Others You're Too Old,
If Your Heart's Made Of Gold.
Listen To What I Wish To Say:
I Will Always Be Here and never go away.

As You Say Things No One said Before,
I Realized That I Like You Even More.
I'm Happy That I Make You Smile,
At Least Every Once In A While...

Honestly, I Can't Get You Of My Mind...
You're So Sweet And Kind,
Generous And So Divine...
Next To You, I Would Be Just Fine.