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I will love you forever

by alyshaa

When i look into your eyes
i see inside my dreams
i see everything i love
and everything i need
when your hand touches mine
i have not a care in the world
i know you will protect me
because I'm your special girl
the way that you kiss me
the way you say goodnight
the way you say you love me
and how when I'm with you every things alright
if the sun stops shining
if the stars fade away
you will still be there
so I'll be okay
if ever something happens
and the earth comes to an end
I'll die a happy person
because i let my heart unbend
we will be together
till death do we part
because I'm giving you everything
I'm giving you my heart
promise you wont break it
it's very hard to fix
and it doesn't take to just anyone
your one of few it has picked
so you better guard it carefully
and give it lots of love
make sure my heart is the only heart
your ever dreaming of