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The things I do for you...

by Steven

A pitter in my heart,
a voice in my head.
Screaming to tell you,
I want you more, than in my bed.

You are pretty down deep,
for some reason only I know.
I love you for who you are,
and I want to tie you up in a bow.

Make up, a mask,
a wall in front of a painting.
The beauty is shaded,
a voice that does not sing.

Everything is against me,
your beautiful, I'm poor.
I can not promise you,
anything that I wish to adore.

I love you,
I care for you,
I can only dream of you.

You dont notice me,
or the things I do.
Anything and everything,
In my world there is only you.

God grant me courage,
God give me peace.
If I dont tell her I fear,
that my flame will cease.

The world is not enough,
eternal life does not touch,
unlimited power fails,
at my love, my dreams, and such.

Please tell me how you feel,
what you dream of.
I have beaten myself into a mold for you,
coming down from the heavens above.

I dont want you to be unhappy,
I never want to see you sad,
A tear shed is a blow to my heart,
I am only happy when you are glad,
to see me,
to hear me,
to know I was there.

Thats all I want, is for you to notice me.

I love you, I dont care if you love me.