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Die For You

by LonelyNightsHurt

I'd do anything for you
Anything you could ever dream
Just to be the other one
The other half to your team

I'd walk forever and ever
Swim through every sea
Just so long as you'd wake up
And be able to see me

I'd give up everything I could
All my love, hope, and dreams
But, would this be enough?
Because it is never as it seems

I'd do anything to make you happy
If you'd just say the word
If I could, I'd give you wings
And make you free like a bird

But I can't walk forever baby
Nor can I give you wings
But. I can let you go
And watch the happiness it may bring

I'd give up the only thing I have left
I'd bleed my blood for you
If you believe anything I say
Believe it when I say I'd die for you